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Monday 29th April  2019



Updated : Wednesday 24th April 2019

Start time 08:10 pm Please check in 20 minutes before your tee time
Desk Duty  Mike Seage 7-30 am to 8.30,
John Kocurek 8.30 to 9.30,
Keith Griffin 9.30 to end.
  K/O fees to be paid by those who have not done so.

American Greensomes stroke play. Both Partners tee off and then play their partners ball for their second shot, pairs then decide which ball to play and play alternate shots. Handicaps are worked out from the greensomes handicap chart and are used as stated (i.e 10.5)

08:10 Pat Baynes  &
Doug Mills
Glynne Cocker  &
Sid Durbin
08:18 Mick King   &    
Steve Reeves
Fred Brooks    &
Brian Bell       
Alan Bartholomew  &
David Eastgate   
Malcolm Emms   &
Ted White
08:34   Bernie Batchelor   &
Tony Barnes John Ritchie   &
Richard Stagg
08:42 Graham Smith   &
Michael Ince
Mike Smith   &
Bill Wright
08:50 John Russell   &
Terry Skeggs
Gerry Gander   &
John Milcock
08:58 Patsy Carey    &
Reg Burford
Mike Seage    &
John Smith
09:06 Tom Venus   &
Roger Pamplin
Duncan Wood   &
Graham Goouch
09:14 John Thompson  &
Geoff Prout
Chris Collier   &
Russell McCree
09:22 Simon Scott   &
Arthur Wilding

09:30 John Jones    &
Andre Uranie
Bob Upchurch   &
Mick Lee
09:38 Brad Rehling    &
Terry McTigue
Rob Shine   &
John Jewett
Neil Dexter   &
Dick Gosling
Peter Devaux   &
Jeff Peck
09:54 John Kocurek   &
Bob Lillicrap
Mike Le'Mon   &
John Beschizza
10:02 Robin Perry    &
Charlie Graham        
Phil Eastgate   &
Peter Holland
10:10 Stuart Morrison  &   
Bill Bland
Peter Vosper   &
Mike Cooper
10:18 Ian Currie   &
Geoff Ellis
 Steve Evans   &   
Alan Knight
10:26 Richard Gibbs   &
Paul Dickerson
Steve Kelsey   &
Peter Keep
10:34  Ray Cartwright   &
Chris Tarrant
Harry Hayes    &
Bernie Jones
10:42  Keith Griffin    K/O
 Mike Rhodes  K/O

Competition organiser
 Keith Griffin 07973359148

If you are unable to play in this competition and your name is listed above, please call at least 24 hours before the
event otherwise telephone Birchwood reception on the day.

When leaving a message please could you leave your name and contact telephone number.

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